Physical Therapy Services.

Oso is proud to partner with ClubPT to offer on-site physical therapy and recovery + injury prevention services.

Meet Physical Therapy at Oso

Whether you are looking to prevent injury, restore function after an injury, or improve performance in daily life, climbing, or fitness, Oso’s Physical Therapy is here to create a unique and specific plan to meet your goals.

Physical Therapy at Oso

Physical Therapy Services

Oso Physical Therapy
PT Evaluation + Treatment

If you have a current or previous injury, have developed pain, or developed limitations within your mobility, consider scheduling an evaluation to have a full assessment performed.

PT Treatment Session

Once an evaluation is performed, you may need additional follow up sessions to assist in the resolution of your injury and progression of your personalized program. This session is designed to include multiple treatments within the session to get you back to what you love.

Climbing Functional Movement Screen

Improve your climb with a unique mobility assessment developed specifically for climbers to identify the areas of your body that could be affecting your performance.

Fitness Functional Movement Screen

Let us help you improve your function with a mobility assessment to identify the areas of your body that could be affecting your performance.

Recovery Session

A one-on-one session to address muscle soreness and tension through dry needling followed by a blend of stretching and mobility techniques to return you to your climb or workout faster. (45 minutes)

Dry Needling

Dry needling is the most effective treatment available for myofascial and muscular pain/trigger points. Dry-needling uses a very fine acupuncture needle to treat painful or knotted areas in your muscles and create long lasting relaxation to restore proper muscle activation and range of motion. (30 minutes)

Mobility Session

A one-on-one session to address joint restrictions and or muscle tension through various stretching and joint mobility techniques to get you flowing through your movements worry free. (30 minutes)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Physical Therapy (PT) is ultimately about movement – whether that’s improving, restoring, or reducing pain. Depending on injury or condition, Physical Therapy can minimize or eliminate the need for surgery and reduce the duration of the recovery process. Our Board-Certified Physical Therapists are movement experts who want to get you back to the sports and activities that you love.

ClubPT brings the best in highly trained physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and personal trainers who are dedicated to providing individualized and thorough examinations to help identify any physical limitations that could be keeping you from achieving your full potential in your sport of choice, or just in your daily life. They have the skills and training to expedite your recovery from an injury or help prevent injuries from occurring through early identification of dysfunction or limitation that could predispose you to an injury.

Yes, ultimately Physical Therapy is about more than just helping you recover from an injury. Functional movement screens, recovery, stretching and mobility sessions, and dry needling services are all designed to help you maximize your performance. If you’re curious about what’s right for you, talk to one of our Physical Therapists and they’ll be happy to help you decide if these services are right for you.

Contact our Doctor of Physical Therapy for a quick consult by phone to determine before booking.

We recommend that you wear athletic apparel in which you’re comfortable to move around and closed-toed sneakers to your appointment.

Dry Needling is a popular treatment designed to ease muscular pain. Practitioners place small, filiform needles into your skin in “trigger points” in your muscles or tissue that release muscle knots and relieve muscle pain or soreness. Further, dry needling may improve flexibility and increase range of motion.

This will depend on your particular insurance coverage. Some insurance providers will allow you to submit itemized receipts for preventative medicine and physical therapy services. Others may have qualified HSAs that similarly can be used to pay for these services. Upon request, Oso and ClubPT will provide you with an itemized receipt for services received that you may choose to submit. Oso and ClubPT do not work directly with any insurance providers as all of our services are paid out of pocket, and do not make any guarantees that these services will be reimbursable.

No, all services are paid out of pocket. Oso and ClubPT do not require nor will request proof of insurance prior to treatment.

Treatment can be performed by a licensed Physical Therapist for two weeks without a referral. Should treatment continue longer, a referral will be needed and can easily be obtained from your Primary Care Physician.