The Best Gym for Young Adults.

Oso is Dallas’s gym with something for everyone.

We get it…

We hate boring workouts too.

At Oso, we set out to build a new kind of gym that could cure boredom and eliminate workout routines that you just don’t stick with. We scoured the globe, and took all the best things that we love about gyms and brought it to Dallas. We built walls to climb and found the best people to constantly change them, then put in a sauna, hired dozens of trainers, tracked down the friendliest staff imaginable, built a super bright cardio room and added a bar… and then made it all clean and shiny, and kept it that way.

Our gym is just different.

Why People Love Oso

We’re Big, Not Corporate.

Inspired by climbing and built for adults who want more from their gym.
Oso is big, not corporate
Something for everyone.

More than 100+ reasons to skip leg day

Not excited about what you were planning on doing at the gym today? Don’t worry, with hundreds of climbing and fitness classes each month, we’ve got a few ideas you might like so you can still get a great workout.

Oso Yoga Pose
Try a Yoga Class
Oso Featured Events Social Large
Join a special event
Oso Incline Bench Press
Lift some weights
Oso I AM LIFTED class
Take a Fitness Class or go to Bootcamp
Oso Sauna
Relax in the sauna
DSC5586 Large
…or just go Climb something new!
There are perks to being an Oso Member.

There’s a membership for everyone at Oso.

Ask us anything!

We’d love to hear from you, and are happy to answer any questions you might have about Oso.