This is What Yoga Teachers Want to Tell Every Beginner

This is What Yoga Teachers Want to Tell Every Beginner

This is What Yoga Teachers Want to Tell Every Beginner

Going to a yoga class can seem like a formidable task for a beginner, especially in the first few sessions. If you’ve seen yoga on social media, it can get hyped up to be quite intimidating. The good news is that your yoga instructor gets it. They want you to participate in ways that are most comfortable for you.

It’s easy to list a dozen things to avoid when beginning to practice yoga, but there are more important lessons to keep in mind. Read these beginner yoga tips to learn what your yoga instructor thinks is most important when starting out.

You don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga.

Everyone who practices yoga finds it challenging at one point or another. Just like any other type of exercise, some aspects will be more difficult than others. Yoga is proven to improve your flexibility and steadiness. Don’t be concerned about your abilities before you even start. If one of your goals is to become more flexible, you’re in a great place to make progress.

If you have a different goal, then there’s no need to worry about being flexible. Enjoy being a beginner! There will be many humbling moments for you. But it’s also a time when you’re excited to be learning something new. Focus on mastering the poses and listening to your body and everything else will come with time.

Modify everything to your body and needs.

Your yoga instructors know that everybody is capable of practicing yoga well. You can expect it to be difficult to accomplish every pose demonstrated in class, especially as a beginner. However, many of our instructors will give you alternatives that can make it easier on your body. Don’t push yourself to do anything that feels wrong or unsafe for you. At any point during the class, you are free to take a break and focus on your breath. 

When you start a yoga session, you probably will already have an intention in mind. Whether it’s less stress, remaining in the present moment, or listening to your body – that will be your goal at that time. Remind yourself that you don’t need to master every pose with fidelity. Instead, focus on how you can modify the poses to suit your needs.

This is What Yoga Teachers Want to Tell Every Beginner

Yoga isn’t about how you look.

Despite what the world might convince you of, there is no typical yoga body. You may not see yourself represented online, but that does not mean that you aren’t gladly received in our studio. The best yoga classes are designed to make you forget about how you look and focus on how you feel. Forget the fancy yoga garb as well. Yoga is your own journey, and some of the most amazing yogis in the world will defy typical expectations when it comes to appearance. When you’re the most authentic version of yourself, you’ll shine no matter what.

A restorative Nourish class is just as effective as a powerful flow class.

Yoga is intentional and purposeful. By moving slowly and taking the time to be mindful of your movements, you can offset the hustle and bustle of the rest of your week. It’s amazing what consciously relaxing can do for your mental health. If you’d prefer to get a hard workout in, power yoga classes are a wonderful opportunity to do so.  However, slower yoga is active and easygoing. It involves holding deep stretches and focusing on breathing in between movements. You are likely to get just as much out of our Origin and Nourish classes as you would Energize or Challenge.

This is What Yoga Teachers Want to Tell Every Beginner

Slow down and focus on basic movement first.

Thinking about yoga, the first images that come to mind might be mind-blowing poses and insane feats of flexibility. If you focus on building a firm habit, then strength and flexibility will come. As stated before, you don’t need to be flexible or strong to start practicing yoga. On the contrary, yoga is designed to prepare you for more difficult poses and positions each time you go. Remember to be patient about your progress, and focus on your daily intention rather than the long term.

In conclusion:

Yoga is for everyone. You don’t need to be strong or flexible to practice, and you definitely don’t need to look a certain way. Yoga is designed to empower you; modify it to fit your needs and goals. Setting an intention each time will remind you to focus on the present. If you slow down and listen to your body, progress will come. Most of all, it is the instructor’s job to lead the way and provide encouragement. You are always welcome in our studio.

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